You have a vision for what your retirement years will look like...

- Unlimited leisure time
- Travelling to exotic destinations
- Quality time with family and friends
- Learning new skills and pursuing side projects
- Relaxing in a hammock at the cottage

Retirement Planning Ottawa

It's exciting to IMAGINE the possibilities...
Having the RIGHT STRATEGIES in place is the first step
in designing the retirement of your DREAMS!

As you approach retirement, you likely have concerns about the financial aspects;

- Am I on the right track for a secure retirement?
- How do the financial decisions I make today effect my retirement goals?
- Can I retire early...and still be ok?
- Will I still be able afford the things I love?
- Are my savings in danger of running out?

Planning for retirement can be overwhelming and confusing.
Together we clarify your financial picture, so you can
confidently plan for the best retirement possible.

independent financial advisor

A fully customized review of your finances prior to retirement

  1. Let's map out your ideal retirement scenarios in a comprehensive written plan

  2. Get professional insight and unbiased recommendations personalized for you

  3. Gain peace of mind and confidence knowing your finances are in order

fee only financial planning ottawa

NEW! Virtual Meetings Available

If you would like an unbiased review of your finances or have concerns about your retirement during this difficult time, I am available to consult with you via virtual video conference for your convenience, comfort, and safety.

Maureen's Client Success Story:

Maureen Yates is a busy realtor in the Ottawa area. She wanted a second opinion with regards to her finances. She was looking for an independent financial advisor who was working in her best interest and without third-party conflicts of interest.

Here’s What Some of Our Happy Clients Have to Say:

financial advisor ottawa reviews

“I got so much value from our meetings. I’m so glad we did this”Joann M., Ottawa

Ayana Forward reviews

“Ayana is very professional, but also very easy to talk to, and delivered to me exactly what I wanted. I would recommend her highly.” Wayne J., Ottawa

Retirement in View Reviews

"Retirement in View put it all in perspective and helped us pin point what really matters to us. She was so thorough and honest and it all came together so efficiently.”
Nicole K., Ottawa

** About Retirement in View...**

Ayana Forward founded Retirement in View to provide clients with objective financial advice in an environment free of sales pressure.As a Fee Only Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Ayana does not sell financial products so there are no third party conflicts and she can truly work in your best interest.Certified Financial planners must complete a rigorous education program, pass a national exam, and demonstrate three years of qualifying work experience. Here are Ayana's current credentials and Letter of Good Standing.Ayana has been featured as a financial expert in The Globe and Mail, Financial Post, MoneySense, CBC, Global News and more.Ayana's story...

fiduciary financial advisor ottawa

Meet Your Planner
Ayana Forward, CFP®

Certified Financial Planner Credential
Retirement in View BBB Business Review

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Still Deciding? No problem, please review our financial planning packages or the following free guide to finding a financial planner to help get you started. And please only book your initial consultation when you feel ready to start the financial planning process. If you have specific questions before booking, please fill out our contact form here.

QUIZ: What Type of Financial Advisor is Best for You?

Take a quick 5 question quiz to help you determine what type of financial planner is the best match for your specific needs.

Are you looking for an alternative to commission based financial advice?
Would you prefer to work with an independent, fee only, fiduciary financial advisor?

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About Retirement in View

You're nearing retirement and want to make sure that all the pieces are in place, so you can plan for your future without doubts, anxiety, and worry. You need a clear plan with professional recommendations and guidance.I started Retirement in View to provide people approaching retirement with the guidance and reassurance they need to be financially prepared for the best retirement possible.I provide an unbiased review of your finances, actionable strategies to achieve your goals in a friendly environment free of sales pressure.

female financial advisor Ottawa

Nice to meet you, I’m Ayana Forward...I know how confusing and overwhelming it can be to organize your finances. I have helped hundreds of clients navigate the complex world of financial planning, visualize their long terms goals and plan for a secure and enjoyable retirement filled with the people and activities they love.I'm proud to be a Fee-only Certified Financial Planner and founded Retirement in View in Ottawa as a means for Canadians to receive affordable, unbiased financial advice without needing a minimum account size or being pressured to buy financial products.A little bit about me...
If I’m not packing snacks for my two boys you can find me cheering on Ottawa’s sports teams and enjoying the sites and sounds of the Capital.
My personal vision for retirement : Playing golf in the Maritimes.

Who do I work with?I work mainly with clients who are within 5 years of retirement, are recently retired, or are thinking about retirement and just want to make sure they are on the right track. I have worked extensively with Federal Government employees, Self-employed health professionals, small business owners, University Faculty, Tech Sector professionals and many more.What to expect:
Positivity, enthusiasm, kindness and a genuine willingness to help you proactively plan and organize your finances.
I teach practical strategies that you can implement to build wealth and plan for a secure retirement.
In the local Ottawa Community:Volunteer with Revenue Canada's CVITP (Community Volunteer Income Tax Program). Helping low income residents, newcomers, seniors and students file their taxes.Scholarship donor for a member the University of Ottawa Women's soccer team.Approved contributor to Canada's Financial Literacy Database. I have authored a number of financial resources including spreadsheets, free worksheets, checklists and calculators.Education and Professional Memberships:
Bachelor's Degree of Commerce from the University of Ottawa
FP Canada: Certified Financial Planner
Founding member of the Canadian Professional Financial Planner's Association
Member: Ottawa Board of Trade
Accreditation: Better Business Bureau

Retirement in View: Core Values

Client First Model: I place the best interest of the client ahead of my own**No Minimums: **I help those who want unbiased advice regardless of account sizeObjective Advice: I provide affordable, friendly, professional advice in an atmosphere free of sales pressure

Getting started is easy with a Retirement Planning Strategy Session!

Simple, Transparent Pricing.

Ayana's rates for fee only financial planning are below:


Need help organizing all the pieces of your retirement puzzle? Receive an assessment of your current financial picture and see if you are on track for your ideal retirement. The goal of the program is to give you professional insight and strategies that help you; confidently set a target retirement date, maximize your income in retirement, minimize taxes on your hard-earned savings, and reduce stress and worry about money.

What's Included?

  • 1 x 30 Minute Intro Session by phone to outline your specific goals and the scope of engagement

  • 2 x 60 minute virtual follow up meetings to present my insights, findings, and recommendations

  • Written plan with projections

  • Action items and assistance with implementation

Who Is It For?

  • You have recently retired, or are planning to retire within the next 1 to 5 Years

  • Do-It-Yourself investors

  • Pensioners

  • Those retiring on a low income due to disability or other factors

  • Those working with an advisor who does not prepare comprehensive plans

Topics Covered:

  • Determine how much income you are on track for in retirement

  • Establish a firm retirement date

  • When to take CPP and OAS

  • Order of withdrawal strategies (RRSP, TFSA, Non-Registered)

  • Tax Efficient Decumulation Plans for Savings

  • Income Splitting

  • Pension Projections

  • Buyback Decisions

  • RRSP to RRIF Conversion

  • Downsizing Considerations

  • Net Estate Value projections

  • Medical Retirement and Disability considerations

*Final pricing will be determined after the initial meeting. *Prices increase based on the complexity of your situation.
HST is applicable on all packages

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Annual Plan Update: $750.00

  • Tax Preparation: From $100.00 per return



Need a more comprehensive package that covers more than just retirement? Gain a clearly outlined plan showing you the best course of action to reaching your short and long term financial goals. We eliminate any conflicts of interest by providing unbiased financial advice only and have no motivation to sell you products you don't need. Advice changes when you work with an independent financial planner working only in your best interest.

What's Included?

  • We cover budgeting, saving, investing and tax planning

  • Learn the best strategies to build and preserve wealth

  • Learn how to save tax through proactive planning

  • 3 meetings

  • Written plan with recommendations

  • Action items and assistance with implementation

Advice Plus: Investment Services Ottawa

Do you need all inclusive financial planning including investment management? We work together with a Licensed Portfolio Management team to bring you custom-built ETF portfolios that suit your risk tolerance.

  • Investment portfolio management (RRSPs, TFSAs, RESPs, Non-Registered Accounts)

  • Ongoing comprehensive financial planning

  • Annual Plan Update

  • Annual Goal Setting

  • Quarterly check-ins with accountability

  • Annual Retirement Income Plan

  • Tax Returns


Use our tax preparation services to ensure you are maximizing all of your credits and deductions.

What's Included?

  • Personal Tax Returns

  • Small Businesses and Sole Proprietors

  • Rental Properties

  • Income splitting

  • Tax planning for new retirees

HST is applicable on all packages


Want access to a financial planner throughout the year? Our ongoing annual retainer is the perfect option for anyone looking for increased accountability, plan monitoring and updates.

What's Included?

  • Annual plan update

  • Annual Goal Setting

  • Quarterly check-ins with accountability

  • Annual Retirement Income Plan

  • Tax Returns


Small business owners are faced with some of the most complex tax, investment, and retirement planning issues. Learn financial planning concepts that can help you collaborate more effectively with your accountant and estate planning team.

What's Included?

  • 1 x 30 Minute Intro Session by phone to outline your specific goals and the scope of engagement

  • 2 x 60 minute virtual follow up meetings to present my insights, findings, and recommendations

  • Written plan with projections

  • Action items and assistance with implementation

Who Is It For?

  • Independent Consultants

  • Small Business Owners

  • Incorporated Health Professionals

Topics Covered:

  • Retirement planning considerations for Incorporated business owners

  • Tax-efficient winding up of Corporate assets in retirement

  • Investing retained earnings

  • Notional Accounts: Understanding Capital Dividends

  • Salary vs Dividends

  • Estate planning considerations

  • Tax minimization in retirement

HST is applicable on all packages

Ottawa Financial Advisor: Fee Only Certified Financial Planner


Retirement Planning Ottawa

- Do I have enough to retire and when?
- What is most tax efficient order of withdrawal strategy for my investments? Which pot do I draw down first? (TFSA, RRSP, LIRA, Non-Registered)?
- When to defer or delay CPP or OAS? Is it more advantageous to take it early vs later?
- OAS Clawbacks - what level of income do they start?
- How do I determine a reasonable target for retirement income?
- Exploring scenarios for the possibility of early retirement
- Help comparing pension decision options: lump sum vs deferred annuity
- How do RRIF withdrawals work?

Fee For Service Financial Planner: Advice Only CFP

- Cash flow and net worth projections
- Family financial check-up
- Education savings planning and projections
- Insurance needs analysis
- "Are you on track?"
- Fee for service financial planning

Tax Planning and Preparation

- Optimized income splitting for new retirees
- Tax efficient withdrawal strategies for RRSPs and RRIFs
- Rental Properties
- Small Business

Fee Based Wealth Management

- Guidance regarding appropriate asset allocation for your current investments
- Tax efficiency advice
- Second opinion of current portfolio

- Help with implementation of an ETF portfolio
- Advice regarding best use of RRSPs, TFSAs, RRIFs and RESPs
- Automatic retirement savings and withdrawal plans

Virtual Meetings: How Does It Work?

1. SCHEDULE AN INITIAL MEETINGAn initial 30 Minute phone session is available so that I can get a better understanding of what you are looking for from a financial advisor.2. TOGETHER WE OUTLINE THE SCOPE OF OUR ENGAGEMENTYou will have complete input into what you would like me to cover, the scenarios you want to see projected, the questions you need clarification around, and the topics you want to gain a better understanding of.3. SHARE YOUR DOCUMENTS WITH ME SECURELYA secure, swiss-encrypted upload service will be provided to you for sharing documents with me. Please see a typical list of the documents I will need: List of Things to Bring4. WE MEET VIRTUALLY TO DISCUSS MY INITIAL FINDINGS

Virtual Meetings

Whether you prefer ZOOM, Google Meet or Skype we will conduct future meetings virtually, where I am able to share my screen and present your plan and my findings.5. YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO REVIEW THE INITIAL REPORTTake your time reviewing your financial plan and prepare any questions or updates you would like to make for our final follow-up meeting.6. FINAL VIRTUAL WRAP-UP MEETINGWe wrap up our engagement with a final meeting to make sure you understand all of the recommendations included within your plan. I can also provide assistance at this time if you need help with implementation.7. ONGOING SUPPORTI will be available after our initial engagement should you have additional questions or need to update your plan.

Virtual Meetings

How Does The Financial Planning Process Work?


  1. Initial meeting to learn about your family's priorities and determine your ideal scenario for retirement

  2. Independent review of your current financial picture

  3. Identification of any gaps and challenges that could hinder your current plan 

  4. Professional recommendations, sound insight and a customized plan of action

  5. Assistance with the implementation of any recommendations

  6. Ongoing review and measurement of your progress

WHAT DOES IT COST?Ayana's rate is $225/hr + HST. You can save by bundling hours into financial planning packages ranging from $1,500.00- $2,500.00 + HST. Payment plans are available on all packages. We accept Visa, Mastercard, cheque and email money transfer.WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED?
We are located centrally in Ottawa.
240 Catherine St.
Suite 201
Ottawa ON K2P 2G8
HOW CAN I BENEFIT FROM THE FINANCIAL PLANNING PROCESS?A financial plan will ensure you are on the right track with regards to your finances, savings goals and retirement plans. Having a comprehensive plan will also increase your confidence when it comes to managing your money, while helping you develop the habits necessary to build and maintain wealth. Here are just some of the benefits of the financial planning process:●Make smarter investment decisions
●Learn strategies to maximize tax deductions and credits
●Create a clear plan for your retirement
●Know when your debts will be paid off
●Ensure you have adequate insurance coverage
●Access to an independent expert dedicated to helping you achieve financial success
●On-going advice is available to track and measure your progress through annual reviews
WHAT MAKES FEE-ONLY FINANCIAL PLANNING DIFFERENT?Fee-only financial planning aims to eliminate the inherent conflict of interest that exists when an advisor is paid on a commission basis to recommend products. As Ayana’s recommendations are not tied to product sales she can provide truly unbiased advice that is aligned with the best interests of her clients. Ayana’s focus is on educating and advising clients on all aspects of their financial affairs so that they can make well-informed decisions.WHAT DO I BRING TO THE FIRST MEETING?Please see the attached: List of Things to BringHOW LONG DOES THE ENGAGEMENT LAST?Each session will last approximately 60 minutes. You will have one follow up meeting with a basic package and 2 or 3 follow up meetings with the comprehensive planning engagement.CAN YOU MANAGE MY INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO?One of our core values is to keep advice separate from financial product sales. As such we do not directly manage portfolios but we work directly with an ETF based portfolio management firm as part of our vetted referral network.DO YOU OFFER VIRTUAL MEETINGS IF I DON'T LIVE IN THE OTTAWA AREA?Yes I can hold meetings by phone or video conference.DO I NEED TO HAVE A MINIMUM ACCOUNT SIZE?No.


We have designed a quiz as a guide to help you find the best financial advisor for your particular needs. You will learn the difference between fee only, fee-based and commission based financial advisors. Click here for the quiz: How to find the best financial planner for your needs.**WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? FINANCIAL PLANNER VS FINANCIAL ADVISOR: **A financial planner's focus is more on advice and less on the sale of financial products like investments and insurance. A proper financial plan should be in place first before selecting which products are most suitably matched to your wants, needs, and goals.WHAT DOES A FINANCIAL PLANNER DO?A financial planner will help you plan for retirement, save tax, budget and save for the long term, make sure your finances are in order, as well as help you map out your ideal scenario. A good financial planner will put your needs first and ahead of theirs.WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO HAVE A FIDUCIARY WORKING FOR ME?A fiduciary has a professional obligation to work in your best interest. They can receive no extra benefit or incentive to sell or recommend products to you that are not suitable.WHAT DESIGNATION SHOULD MY FINANCIAL PLANNER HAVE?The most recognized financial planning designation in Canada is the Certified Financial Planner (CFP). The requirements to achieve the Certified Financial Planner Designation are as follows:- rigorous education component
- pass national certification exams
- work experience
- adherence to standards of Professional responsibility
- 25 hours of annual continuing education

Free Retirement Action Plan Checklist

Retirement Planning Checklist

Free Downloadable Resource:
A step-by-step approach to helping you build a plan for the best possible retirement. Click the button below to download the free:
retirement planning checklist!

Here's How to Proactively Start
Planning for Retirement in the Next 5 Minutes...

Retirement Planning Checklist

Free Downloadable PDF Resource:
Most Canadians aren't sure where to start when it comes to planning for retirement. Discover a step-by-step process which cuts through the confusion and helps you start building a clear plan for the retirement you want. Click below to download.

Retirement in View
240 Catherine Street
Suite 201
Ottawa ON K2P 3G5

Financial Consultant

Monday 9:30-5:00
Tuesday 9:30-5:00
Wednesday 9:30-5:00
Thursday 9:30-5:00
Friday 9:30-5:00

Areas Served:
Ottawa, Ontario near
Centretown, The Glebe, and Golden Triangle.

Financial Planner: Kanata, Nepean, Orleans, Westboro, Hintonburg, Old Ottawa South, Old Ottawa East.

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Thank you! Your request for a consultation has been sent.

- Certified Financial Planner and MoneySense financial expert Ayana Forward will be in touch with you shortly to book a time to meet
- We are located at 240 Catherine St. Suite #201 Ottawa ON K2P 2G8
- Please take a moment to learn more about our story here
The goal of the strategy session is to provide you with actionable recommendations and determine how we can help you build a clear plan for retirement. Please feel free to download the list of things to bring worksheet.

Gee-Gees Women's Soccer Scholarship

Certified Financial Planner Ayana Forward is a proud Alumni and former Captain of the Ottawa Gee Gees Women's soccer team.
In 2018 she started a scholarship to be awarded annually to a varsity member of the University of Ottawa women’s soccer program.

  • be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident, a person with the protected/refugee status or an international student;

  • be registered as a full-time student in an undergraduate program at the University of Ottawa;

  • be a varsity student-athlete, as per OUA, RSEQ and USports regulations;

  • be a member of the Gee-Gees women’s soccer team at the University of Ottawa; and

  • demonstrate outstanding potential in their sport.

  • Value of the award: $1,000

APPLICATION PROCEDURENo application is required; the scholarship is awarded automatically. In the case of multiple candidates meeting the base requirements, the selection committee will select the recipient based on the award policies and standard criteria used by Sports Services at the time of selection.

Retirement in View

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Book a 1:1 Call With Me
If you have questions about retirement and would like to book a 30-minute introductory phone call with Certified Financial Planner and MoneySense financial expert Ayana Forward please click the link below. I will review your current financial situation, help you get organized and answer any questions or concerns you have about retirement. Select a time from the calendar below.

Financial Advisor

Where to find us:
240 Catherine St, Suite 201
Ottawa ON K2P 2G8

In addition, I hope you’ll take a moment to “Like” us on Facebook and “Follow” me on Twitter. I use those social media platforms to share our latest content and best content I find online for retirement planning tips and resources.

Canada Retirement Income Calculator

Retirement Income Calculator

Retirement Income Snapshot
A step-by-step calculator shows you how much income you will receive annually through pensions, government benefits and investments. For educational purposes only.

What You Need:
- Current Income
- Monthly Pension Income Estimate
- Current Balance Retirement Savings (RRSPs)
- Current Balance TFSA Savings
- Monthly Savings Amounts
- Planned Retirement Age

Financial Budget Worksheet

Retirement Planning Budget
An excel spreadsheet that will help you outline your monthly income and expenses for cash flow purposes. For educational purposes only.

- Do not enter data into in rows 4 and 5 and column N, they have formulas.
- Save an extra copy onto your hard drive as a back up incase you overwrite anything.
- 527.5kb

Retirement Savings Calculator

Retirement Savings Calculator
An excel spreadsheet that will estimate how your retirement savings will grow through time. This is a basic compound interest calculator. For educational purposes only. 67.5kb

RRIF Calculator

RRIF Calculator
An online calculator designed to help you estimate your minimum RRIF withdrawals. For educational purposes only.

Complete Guide: How to Choose the Best Financial Planner for You

We have created a comprehensive guide below to help you find a financial planning professional that meets your needs. Here are the top things to consider when hiring a financial advisor:

find a financial advisor guide

Table of Contents:

  1. Understanding Different Types of Financial Planners

  2. What is a financial planner & what does a financial planner do?

  3. How are Financial Advisors Paid?

  4. When is the Best Time to See a Financial Planner?

  5. How are Different Financial Advisors Paid?

  6. How to Find a Financial Planner Near You

Understanding the different types of financial planners

Fee Only Financial Planners:

Focus on goal setting, money management, getting your finances organized, budgeting, tax planning, debt and cash flow planning, tax optimization. Some are also specialists in retirement planning, estate planning, and investments.

Fee Based Financial Advisors:

Specialize in portfolio management, investments, wealth management. Some are also specialists in comprehensive financial planning.

Financial Sales Advisors: Product specialists that can help you implement the suggestions made by your financial planner.

What is a financial planner and what does a financial planner do?

The financial planning profession is designed to help you set goals and a course of action to reach those goals in the most wealth efficient manner. An engagement with a financial planner can also help you plan for the unexpected. A professional financial planner will take a comprehensive view of your finances and use their insight and recommendations to help you reach your objectives.

When is the best time to see a financial advisor?

While just about everyone can benefit from the financial planning process, here are some life events that might prompt you to hire a financial planner:

  • Retirement

  • Marriage

  • Having Children

  • Separation

  • Divorce

  • Leaving a job

  • Inheritance

  • Disability

Understanding how different financial advisors are paid

Fee Only Financial planners: Hourly, flat fee, fee for service, by the plan or via annual retainer.

Fee Based Financial Advisor: As a % of your investable assets.

Financial Sales Advisor: Salary or paid a commission by a third party.

**How to avoid conflicts of interest? **

  • Working with someone with a professional designation such as the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) should be prioritized. Professionals who must follow a code of ethics and work as a fiduciaries are your best option in avoiding conflicts of interest.

  • You can eliminate conflicts of interest by working with an independent financial advisor who works on a flat fee, fee only or fee for service basis.

  • Always ask for fee transparency so you know who you are paying for and what their responsibilities are.

How to find a financial planner?

For a directory of Certified Financial Planners: FP Canada

For a directory of Fee Only Financial Planners: Value of Simple

How to choose a financial advisor?

We have designed a quiz that helps you determine which type of financial advisor is best for you. Click below to take the quiz.

find a financial advisor

Below you will find an infographic describing 5 key benefits of working with a fee only financial planner.

Fee only financial planner benefits

Retirement Budget Calculator

Retirement Planning Budget
An excel spreadsheet that will help you outline your monthly income and expenses for cash flow purposes. For educational purposes only.

- Do not enter data into in rows 4 and 5 and column N, they have formulas.
- Save an extra copy onto your hard drive as a back up incase you overwrite anything.
- 527.5kb

Retirement Budget Calculator

Financial Planning Worksheet
Free financial planning spreadsheet in excel. This budget worksheet template and planner is printable and designed to help you manage cash flow. For educational purposes only.

- Please view the instructions locate in the first worksheet tab in order to avoid over writing any formulas.
- Save a copy onto your local drive
- size 527.5kb

2021 Tax Planning Resources

Tax Planning Resource Bundle
Free Download
We have put together a tax planning bundle designed to help you get organized for tax season

Whats Included
- Tax Slip Checklist
- 2021 Tax Season Cheatsheet
- Capital Gains Calculation Worksheet
- Resource links for rental and small business schedules

2021 Tax Workshops For Seniors

Tax Planning Workshops For New Retirees

April 15th - 26th ,2021 (By Appointment)
Online Delivery
Who is it for
New and Pre-retirees in the Ottawa area
What will be covered?
Learn the basics of income splitting, maximizing credits and deductions, avoiding clawbacks and ensuring tax efficiency in retirement. Efiling of your 2020 tax return is optional and included in the cost of the workshop.
What does it cost?
$250 per person/$500 per couple + HST
How does it work?By appointment only: You will need an appointment in order to access workshops. Schedule today via 613-416-9593 or

Financial Planner Ottawa

Female Financial Advisor Ottawa

Meet Ayana.Ayana Forward, CFP helps demystify the stress and anxiety that comes with managing your finances.Through careful listening to what matters most to you.

Client Stories...Maureen Yates is a busy Realtor in Ottawa and despite her best efforts she had a feeling she wasn’t getting the best financial advice from the advisors she had been working with. She came to us looking for a second opinion and some independent advice regarding her finances.

Retirement in View: Client Success Case Study:

Financial Planner Ottawa

Meet Maureen...Maureen Yates is a busy Realtor in Ottawa and despite her best efforts she had a feeling she wasn’t getting the best financial advice from the advisors she had been working with. She came to us looking for a second opinion and some independent advice regarding her finances.

Here is how we were able to help:Maureen first admitted to us that she lacked confidence when it came to managing her finances on her own. She felt dependent on the advisors she was working with but wasn't sure if they working in her best interest.Maureen's main concerns:
- "I'm self employed and don't have a pension, how much should I be saving for retirement?"
- "How can I reduce my income taxes?"
- "I've heard good things and am interested in adding ETFs as part of my investment portfolio, but my investment advisor at the bank says I don't have the minimum"
- "I don't quite understand a permanent insurance product I was sold"

What we uncovered:Maureen's suspicions about her "advisors" was more than warranted:- She was over sold insurance products that didn't match her needs
- She was missing tax deductions that even her accountant missed
- Her investments weren't structured properly to maximize tax sheltering
- She was overpaying for underperforming investments
- She had no clear plan in place for retirement
- Her beneficiaries were not set up properly in her Estate Plan

Financial Planning Client

The results of our recommendations:- We put a comprehensive plan in place for Maureen's retirement and she has peace of mind in knowing she is on track
- We improved the tax efficiency of Maureen's investment portfolio by restructuring some of her investments to take advantage of tax sheltered investment plans
- We recommended she take advantage of some tax deductions that were missed on her most recent tax return
- We matched Maureen with an ETF portfolio manager saving her hundreds in annual investment management fees
- Maureen has become more confident in her finances and now knows how to identify advisors she can trust and what red flags to look out for
Key Takeaways:- Always ask for transparency in terms of fees when paying for financial advice
- Fee-only financial planners are paid directly by you and have no obligation to sell you financial services products
- A second opinion can add thousands of dollars to your bottom line in tax savings alone
- Fee-Only financial advice eliminates conflicts of interest that can arise when an adviser is compensated by selling products

Here's what Maureen had to say about working with us:"I explain to my real estate clients that: "We can all know a little about a lot of things..."
*but when you need specific advice regarding a big purchase like a home, *
*or an investment plan and strategy, see an "expert". *
With Ayana’s help, I feel confident that I'm making the right financial decisions to secure my future.
I can't thank her enough!"

Maureen is a prime example of why we built our business and we are grateful she was open to sharing her story to others who are also feeling intimidated by their finances and are not sure where to go for independent advice.

Schedule a Retirement Planning Strategy Session!